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First Chinese dating idea: Know basic facts of Chinese women

Traditional, family-oriented, faithful, considerate or tolerant? Chinese women may be a bit different from Western women. That is you should know first when you decide to start your Chinese dating.

Chinese women may still conservative about online communication, and they may be agonized over the decision to meet stranger from another side of the globe, but believe them, they are very loyal and faithful to their friends and families. It is worthy to try your best to show your sincerity and care for her, make her believe that you are the best choice for her. Chinese women are virtuous and tender, they are always willing to share your pressure and sorrow. If you care for each other, she is always ready to give you encouragement, comfort and support. Dating such Chinese women, it's indubitably a pleasure thing.

Chinese dating etiquette:
Spend time and energy to understand her

Online Chinese dating may be simple and easy to use, but that doesn't mean you should simply sit back and let things happen. By making the decision to date a Chinese girl, you should spend more time and energy to get to know her. There are also times when gentleman wants to know a certain Chinese woman better but doesn't know what he should ask, as he is well aware that cultural differences may pose a threat in the context of the messages. In fact, you can choose these topics:

Ask a Chinese woman about her personality, interests and perspectives. Etc.

Ask a Chinese woman about her working environment and personal life experiences.

Ask a Chinese woman about her family. (China is one of the nationalities which places family ties above everything.)

Ask a Chinese woman about how she thinks about the future.

Chinese dating etiquette:
knowledge of Chinese culture and language

Before you are ready to build up a relationship with a Chinese woman, it's better to well-equipped yourself with some knowledge of Chinese culture and language. You will never want to turn a favorite Chinese woman off with your behavior or upset her with your words unintentionally. And, you can use some simple Chinese sentences to express your love to your Chinese lady. For example:

Wo – I , Ai – Love, Ni – You
Wo Ai Ni – I love you.
Wo Xiang Ni – I miss you.
Wo Xiang He Ni Zai Yi Qi – I want to be with you.
Nan Peng You – Boyfriend, Nv Peng You – Girlfriend
Lao Gong – Husband, Lao Po – Wife
Let the magic of love fill her heart with joy! Let the magic of love fill your whole Asian dating journey.


Chinese dating etiquette: About the gift

When the right moment comes, gifts can be served as catalysts in your Chinese dating journey. You can send your Chinese girl or Chinese lady a unique present as a token of love. It can be necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings, or anything that she can wear on. It doesn't have to be flashy but it is a reminder that you are carried in her heart, wherever she goes.

Do not forget to celebrate your love on special occasions. Just like women around the world, Chinese women would be happy if you can remember her birthday, Valentine's Day (Feb.14) and deliver your love to her. In China, we also have Lantern Festival and Double Seventh Festival for lovers to celebrate their love, and red roses and chocolates are very common to send for lovers on Chinese dating and Asian dationg.

Chinese dating etiquette: Love her, and love her family

"Meeting her parents and children right away terrifies me." It is one of most common complaints from gentleman when he dating a Chinese woman. Give them a chance to know you, and always look interested in why they do this. In a traditional Chinese society, family is more important than anything else. Your lady respect you so much that's why she tries her best to help you win her family's heart.

Before meeting her family, you may consult your lady on what you need to pay attention to. There may be some customs unique to different provinces or areas in China. Whatever it is, it can't be wrong if small gifts are sent to her parents or children. Love me, love my dog –you should be willing to accept everything about your lady, including her family. Prepare to say greetings to her relatives and friends when you both meet. It is very important to leave a good impression.

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