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For over 13 years, ChnLove has been helping singles find their true love in Asia. Our platform combines a huge network of local resources to provide incredible access to beautiful, sincere women in China looking for serious romance. And with over 18,000 ladies online and more joining daily, you'll quickly see why ChnLove is your best choice for finding a Chinese bride.

The Beautiful Ladies at ChnLove

For a variety of reasons, more Chinese women today than ever before are looking internationally for love and marriage. We partner with over 100 local dating and matchmaking agencies throughout China to connect you with the sincerest, most beautiful Chinese woman looking for serious relationships. Moreover, every lady's profile posted on our site has been authenticated with a series of quality controls, including photo ID verification and SMS phone verification. Many ladies also choose to submit homemade videos for their profile so you can know them even better.

Building Stronger Relationships

Even when you're oceans apart, ChnLove helps you get in touch quickly and build serious, long-lasting relationships with amazing Chinese women. Connect instantly via Live Chat or use EMF Mail to bridge language and cultural barriers and express your true feelings. Get to know your girl even better when you check out her homemade Video Show profile. Want to hear her voice? No problem! Just make a Love Call to talk to your special girl easily with the help of our 3-way phone translation service.

Visit Our Partner Sites

Did you ever dream of finding your true love in other countries? Qpid Network has launched dating platforms covering Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, as well as Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine. Check out iDateAsia and CharmingDate now for even more incredible access to gorgeous international women looking for love and romance. And, you can access all of our sites with only ONE account!

Our Success Stories

Happiness Album No.3:
Never too Old to Love

Is it destiny or fate? I met my love Jade from the sea of people on ChnLove. She is a tender, beautiful, lovely and considerate lady. Everyday with Jade is happy and enjoyable!

We accidentally made the first connection via the ChnLove Live Chat Service with the assistance of the translator, and gradually became addicted to each other as the mutual understanding became deeper. During our first date, Jade played the role of a guide and we spent a happy time together.

Jade and I have a lot to share. She tells me everything about herself and I share my life and experience with her. Though we’re thousands of miles away, we keep very close communication via email and phone calls. We taught each other English and Chinese to get along smoother. When Jade said yes to my proposal, I smiled like a twenty young fellow since I was so happy...but it’s just a beginning...

Happiness Album: Marry me! Marry me!        Love beyond distance

International Dating Tips

There are so many beautiful girls on ChnLove, so how should you choose?

Chinese women are generally quite open to having an older husband, but a large age gap may lead to problems like family disapproval or trouble in the immigration process. So, we suggest an age difference of no more than about 15 years.

You will have to pull your eyes away from the dazzling photos and take a closer look at what is written in her profile and letters. Some ladies write mostly romantic fluff, while others show more personality and character. Those who put more thought into their letters and target specifics are probably more serious about having a committed relationship.

Be honest about yourself and ask her a few carefully chosen questions. Is she open to starting a new life away from your friends and family? Does she want to get a new job or stay home to look after the children? These are hard questions, but something you would have to face sooner or later.

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The Qpid TRUST Seal is Here!

ChnLove has just unveiled another free benefit to help members find their perfect match. The Qpid Seal is a fast and effective way for members to show their trust and sincerity to ladies. Simply submit documents to verify the basic information in your profile is accurate, and you can display the Qpid TRUST Seal on your profile. When ladies see this mark, they know your information has been screened and verified, setting their hearts at ease. Lay the foundation of trust and success for your relationship now with the Qpid Seal!